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Deposit Bags Pricing & Quantities

Major bank and armored car carrier approved, the ArmorLP line assists you in developing a tight security atmosphere, expedites bank processing, lowers costs through optimum deposit efficiency and provides an immediate audit trail. ArmorLP’s security closure detects all known mechanical, chemical and thermal methods of compromise.

9" x 12" Single Pouch Bags – Item# 912DB and
9" x 12" Single Pouch Opaque Bags - Item# SGLOPQ

Single pocket clear and opaque bags used for both coin and currency deposits. The bag allows for bulk counting without opening the bag. This saves at the bank teller line and allows any employee to deliver the deposit without worry of tampering. Our single pocket bags offer a variety of very important benefits.

12" x 16" Single Pouch Bags - Item# 1216DB

This single pocket bag has all the same characteristics as the 9" x 12" bag above, but comes in a larger size of 12" x 16".

9" x 17" Dual Pouch Bags – Item# 9125DP
9" x 17" Biodegradable Opaque Dual Pouch Bags – Item# 9125BIO
9" X 17" Clear Front / Flood Coat Back Dual Pouch Bags – Item# CLROPQ

Two-pocket tamper evident clear and opaque bags are unique innovations featuring self-contained individually sealed pouches divided by a perforation. The check and cash portions of the deposit may be separated without the need to make two individual deposits. This reduces the time required for deposit processing, which saves time and money. Our multi-pocket bags offer a variety of very important benefits.

Coin Bags

Our coin bags are made of heavy gauge 7 mil film and safely hold 50 lbs. of loose coin, meeting Federal Reserve requirements. Top loading design with dual folding maximum strength closure ensures against bursting.

16" x 20" Till Bags

A 16" x 20" Till bag used in retail stores is a specialized, durable bag designed for securely transporting cash drawers from the sales floor to a secure area, such as a back room or safe.

6" x 9" + 1" Strap Bags

Strap money bags are used by businesses, banks, or organizations to organize and transport large amounts of currency. These bags include a fold over permanent adhesive closure. Strap money bags are commonly used for depositing cash at banks, transporting money between locations, or storing cash securely within a business or financial institution.