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One Write Checks & Supplies Pricing & Quantities

Great for contractors, petty cash, gift certificates and anyone who is “on the run” all the time, our systems are McBee® and Safeguard® compatible. One-write systems allow you to conduct monthly accounting tasks quickly and efficiently. They are a complete payroll/cash disbursement record keeping system!

Compatible One Write Replacement Checks - McBee® (MB) or Safeguard® (SG) Formats

Don’t waste time or money – find the correct Pegboard checks the first time by picking to match your Safeguard® or McBee® checks with an exact match from® that is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your system. Each check is matched according to the original manufacturer’s layout specifications you will be required to provide at time of purchase.

Journals - Item# JNL

The one-write journal is the paper that goes onto the pegboard behind the checks. Journals keep track of expense accounts, and are designed specifically for your checking account, keeping track of payroll and account numbers.

Ledgers - Item# LDG

Slide ledgers in on top of your one-write system journal. Easily keep separate records for separate accounts. The ledger acts like a card to keep track of individual accounts.
$49.00$89.00$169.00®’s McBee® & Safeguard® Pegboards - Item#(s) R12/W2000 & 1730's

Compatible pegboards for your round hole McBee® and Safeguard® style one-write checks. McBee® Pegboards available in Black, Blue or Brown. Safeguard® available in Black, Blue, Brown or Green.
$72.95 $145.90 $218.85®'s McBee® Mini Pegboards - Item# WFPR3

Compatible mini pegboard for your round hole McBee® style one-write checks is available in brown with a full clamp. One-write pegboards are essential for keeping your one-write checks, journals and ledgers organized.
$91.00 $182.00 $273.00